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Aplex V.A. (AVA) and TLC have officially signed a mergers and acquisitions agreement online, after which TLC will become a part of the former to drive the improvement of forex investment and business, while pushing AVA in its advancement into the Asian market and going global in business development by taking full advantage of resources from both companies’.

The merger symbolises a new chapter in the financial industry. It is foreseeable that the two powerful companies will bring even more outstanding investment projects and financial products that will benefit investors and institutions around the world. As the world is gradually recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, this comes as great news to investors and the live event has garnered a high number of online views.

CEO of AVA, Kyle Grandham said in his speech that both parties have progressed from the initial strategic partnership to M&A, mainly because this move can greatly strengthen collaboration and development, while creating maximum benefits for investors. The integration of rich resources from LimestoneFX, a subsidiary of AVA, will provide unique investment value. In addition, the Global Wealth Fund (GWF) designed by IBH Investment Bank, the group’s financial advisor, has received overwhelming response from the market since its launch, which has also boosted their confidence for future development.

Carl Ronny, CEO of TLC, is delighted with the collaboration and optimistic about the company’s development. He further stated that the five main objectives of M&A include: reducing the cost of collaboration between both parties; enhancing the development performance of both parties; diversifying investments in high-growth financial products and markets; increasing market share and market positioning; strategic positioning and technological improvement. TLC’s vision for the company’s future development remains unchanged, and it will continue to provide clients with strategic investment solutions and excellent financial products.

The event’s special guest, Dato Howard from IBH Investment Bank, said in his speech that under the bank’s coordination and control, the merger will bring about a comprehensive investment ecosystem. After a year of working together, IBH and TLC have devoted themselves to the enhancement of investment risk management. The new system will instill higher level of confidence and generate more sustainable returns for clients.Limestone CEO Vladimir Lem looks forward to sparking new ideas and achievements with TLC in the financial industry. As Limestone has an excellent trading platform while the strength of TLC’s trading team is recognised by many, the advantages of both parties are now combined and is expected to provide more promising and valuable investment projects for investors of global forex.

During the event, AVA and Limestone announced that both companies are now official sponsors of Legacy Racing Team, where a sponsorship contract was signed to show their support for GT racing. The exhilarating showcase of speed is also significant of the company’s unrelenting pursuit for excellence in financial services, while highlighting the zeitgeist of our time. The two firms are hopeful that the popular racing event will introduce more investors to AVA and Limestone.

Approaching the end of the event, lucky draws were revealed as a way to give back to clients for their support. Winners get US$100 each.

The M&A signing ceremony was a huge success and ended on a happy note. All eyes are now on the innovations and investments that will be initiated by AVA following the integration and upgrade of capabilities and resources between the companies.






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