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TLC x Limestone FX First Collaberation Achieved Remarkable Result

In 2020, a global pandemic of the new coronavirus has caused a huge impact on the world economy. The collapse of the US economy caused the Federal Reserve to make the largest intervention in financial markets in history, US stocks had repeatedly triggered the fuse mechanism, and the oil price of WTI futures contracts became negative. Shocking news, such as the value and the erratic fluctuation of gold, caused huge panic and shock in the financial markets. The damage caused by the epidemic to all walks of life and the financial turmoil is distressful for many companies.

We have seen countries globally initiate currency interventions, led by the United States, and injected unprecedented amounts of funds into the financial markets. The Federal Reserve also announced unlimited quantitative easing policies. One after another, the destructive factors spread to the currency market, making the forex market experience unprecedented large-scale currency fluctuations. We expect that economic impact will eventually manifest itself in exchange rate fluctuations, resulting in forex volatility, which will continue to exist in the coming year.

In a market with a lot of uncertainties, forex hedge funds have become the most promising financial investment. When the Covid-19 pandemic brought the global economy to a standstill, forex hedge funds performed better than other investment methods in the market. This environment is favourable to reducing the risk of loss, while generating stable income simultaneously.



The PAMM3 forex custodian fund, managed through the cooperation of TLC and AVA‘s broker Limestone FX, has performed well recently. With its excellent investment operations, it created good returns for investors in complex markets. In its May transactions, it successfully achieved a return rate of 9.25%.

Limestone FX is a forex brokerage firm that is regulated by ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). In the past few months, it has made large-scale developments in technology and trading system. Limestone FX started with serving institutional clients in the Australian and European markets. The high level of customer service and excellent, comprehensive, and diversified platform services made it gain attention and trust quickly.

In cooperation with TLC, Limestone FX plans to develop its Asian business and seize opportunities in the Asian market. Innovation is the main driving force for development, and technology integration is the “golden key” to promoting Limestone FX to become a rising star in forex broker firm. AVA’s collaboration with Limestone FX and TLC will create a financial trading industry with more possibilities, as a global financial group that brings more better products and services to investors.

The “sleeping lion” of the Forex Fund has woken up, and investors globally are eager to invest in the currency trading market again, especially those who are in contact with or operating in emerging market economies. If you can see the opportunities, take action immediately and let the professional team build a more stable and ideal financial management path for you!

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