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GWF GW Profit 2 fund generates good returns in safe haven markets

Global Wealth Fund’s (GWF) GW Profit 2 was 9% in mid-to-late April, primarily through gains in the gold commodity, as investors fled chaotic markets to seek refuge in safe haven investment instruments. According to GWF Aggressive Class Performance Report, the GW Profit 2 fund generated 9% returns during the 16th April 2020 to 30th April 2020 period.

The fund adopted a high-risk high-return investment strategy by trading gold, generating returns of 4.2% for the week. Gold momentum was driven by the reported failure of experimental COVID-19 drugs, new US relief package worth USD 484bil, the fear of a double-hit from the upcoming flu season and COVID-19 taking place at the same time during winter, and the historical price collapse of oil futures to -USD37.

Gold has touched a multi-year high of USD1750 per ounce. Demand level around USD1656 held out strongly, pushing gold prices back up to USD1707 after a brief drop. From a technical perspective, gold has created an upward ascending movement. With this in mind, bulls are in control. USD1780 is the next resistance level to watch out for.

During the 15th April 2020 to 21st April 2020 period, the financial markets were feeling the jitters and investors were running to safe haven instruments, such as gold, as a result of oil futures hitting an all-time low of -USD37. Gold was primed for a move-up. From a technical perspective, it has the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) crossing up, and the momentum indicator showing up, prompting the purchase of gold.

During the 22nd April 2020 to 28th April 2020 period, market sentiment was towards a risk-taking mood, as each US state started easing slowly on their lockdown measures. This was an indicator that Gold will be pressured downwards. From a technical perspective, the momentum indicator was turning down, and MACD was crossing downwards, prompting the sale of gold.

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