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TLC · AVA Live Streams on ZOOM, Unveils 2020 Strategic Alliance Plan

28th April 2020 – TLC and its strategic alliance partner, AVA held a live-streaming interview for the first time to discuss and announce the partnership’s strategic plans, as well as the direction for future collaborations. The live-streaming event attracted the attention of investors worldwide who are eager to get first-hand news of the industry. Peak ratings exceeded 1,000 viewers, a testament that the two companies are highly regarded by investors.

The decision to take the interview online is aligned with the social-distancing policy implemented by countries around the world. Based on the interview, it is obvious that the management already has a contingency plan in place for the sudden change in economy and appears to have full confidence in the strategy.

The interview featured an influential guest line-up that comprises key members of the two companies. Special guests included Carl Ronny, CEO of TLC; Kyle Grandham, CEO of AVA; and TLC’s top management team – CMO Jay Wong, CTO Jack Yau, COO Allan Chang and Marketing Director David Liew.

Carl Ronny revealed that the main reason for forming the alliance with AVA is that both parties share a common long-term vision. Hence, this move is definitely a mutually beneficial one – much like the way TLC’s previous strategic partners have strengthened the business, boosted its performance and enabled investment partners to reap abundant returns. It has always been TLC’s commitment to expand the company’s business and contribute to the advancement of FinTech. The collaboration with AVA, a prestigious financial consultancy from New Zealand, will certainly help to realise the company’s strategy while combining the talents of financial experts from around the world.

Global Wealth Fund (GWF) is the first financial product released under the alliance. The investment portfolio comprises forex hedging trading and capital management, which are the strong suits of TLC and AVA respectively. The diversified portfolio helps global investors generate long-term returns in a volatile economic environment. On the pandemic’s impact on the company, he said TLC will always remain positive regardless of market conditions. The fact that the company continues to operate as usual during such challenging times and its partners are still enjoying profitable returns is enough to prove TLC’s commitment towards the business and investors.

On the other hand, Kyle Grandham expressed sincere thanks to AVA’s new strategic partner. Since AVA’s client base is mainly in the Europe, Australia and New Zealand; he admits that the partnership with TLC has undoubtedly unlocked a large slice of the Asian market for the company, while comprehensively enhancing the development potential of the business, making AVA a truly global organisation. At the same time, he believes that Asia will be the future of economic markets in the 21st century. AVA’s managed fund is up to US$120 million, and the launch of Global Wealth Fund (GWF) is not only the first step taken by the alliance, but is also the best opportunity for global investors to achieve their financial goals in wealth-building.

In the later part of the interview, key members of TLC’s marketing, technology and operations departments expressed views from the perspective of their respective fields. All of them maintain an optimistic outlook towards market trends even though the global economy is currently hit by the pandemic and experiencing unprecedented turmoil. Although it will take more than six months to a year to recover, they believe conditions will stabilise in time. The forex platform’s performance in particular, is still going strong under the grim conditions of the stock and futures markets. For this, TLC would like to thank investors worldwide for their confidence in the platform.

The launch of Global Wealth Fund (GWF) is one of the best rewards for investors, while at the same time shows the ambitions of the two corporate giants in the financial industry. The market is seeing a growing anticipation towards the announcement of future plans from TLC and AVA.



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