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Global Wealth Fund GWF Grand Launch

Recently, TLC and Aplex VA (AVA) launched the first investment fund immediately after announcing a major cooperation plan, which attracted great attention from the international financial community.

After the recent “Global Wealth Fund Launch” video conference on zoom ,many investment partners form all around the world were eager to learn more. Obviously, the market is full of expectation and has confidence in this fund. One of the reasons is that TLC has proven its strength with a good reputation and consistent roi from forex trading to its members.

Recently, the global stock market encountered a large number of sell-offs, and the stock price has fallen sharply. Even when governments of various countries launched financial aid and economic revitalisation programs, they had no effect. The launch of the Global Wealth Fund is in line with today’s severe and special economic conditions, allowing investors to seize the opportunity to accumulate wealth.


Flexible Fund with Good Return

Global Wealth Fund (referred to as GWF) invests mainly in funds of large listed companies’ stocks (large markets), bonds, and other currency instruments, according to market prospects, and looks forward to gain good returns in a bullish market. The supervisory bank behind the fund is the well-known IBH investment bank from Labuan.

Its additional advantage is its flexibility and diversity. As the company chooses a variety of potentially profitable investment portfolios, it can play an important role in the development of equity.

The combination of ideas and the broad international vision also makes the cooperation plan between TLC and AVA have strong development potential. With the strength of two companies’ teams and generous return of interests, the results are expected to be very impressive.

The main features of the GWF fund also include:

  • Strong continuous income
  • Circular revenue growth
  • High operating leverage
  • Low capital and high intensity


Targets precisely match elastic strategies

Regarding investment objectives, GWF invests mainly in diversified investment portfolios in public and private markets, generating excess returns through medium- and long-term capital appreciation. It is expected to become a dazzling benchmark from the challenging prospects, and to eliminate market barriers of high asset valuations and low yields.

GWF funds protect investor’s initial investment by investing in high-quality short-term money markets and diversified portfolios. As money market funds have very high daily liquidity, fund managers are allowed to buy or redeem shares or units on a daily basis.

In terms of investment strategy, the fund mainly invests in stocks (large markets), bonds, and other currency instruments of large listed companies. It looks forward to generating returns in a bullish market.

When the market is about to rebound from the trough and the stock market has not yet rushed back to the bull market, it is definitely the best time to absorb high-quality stocks at a bargain. In addition, TLC’s forex trading experience will also complement each other and create huge profits through forex hedge funds.


Global Wealth Fund (GWF) is a rare opportunity for investors to accelerate wealth building

Holding profit asset allocation

If the market trend lacks stability, a relatively conservative strategy is adopted to keep more investment in the fixed income port, so as to maintain profitability. The key is to seek absolute returns within the medium and long-term investment range.

GWF contains asset allocation at the intermediate and aggressive class, and these classes represent the level of risk. The intermediate class’s asset allocation includes bonds, securities, and high-yield time deposits; whereby the aggressive class includes stocks, currencies, and digital assets.


The Grand Launch Offer Should Not Be Missed

Now that GWF funds are open for subscriptions, investors only need a low investment amount of less than $1,500 to start subscribing to fund units and accumulate wealth. The TLC, which has always been generous with promos, has opened 30,000 promo units to allow investors to enjoy extra GW Profit.

At the same time, TLC has not forgotten the welfare of our loyalty investment partners, and has set up special “loyalty member promo”. Members that meet several conditions can enjoy a 5% performance fee rebate.

Global Wealth Fund is merely a starting point, TLC and AVA will launch more high-quality investment projects in the future, on the same time lead a new investment trend.


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