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Our Strategic Partnership with Aplex VA & Launch of Our Fund

16th April 2020 is a significant day in the foreign exchange industry. TLC is honoured to officially announce its strategic partnership with Aplex VA Limited. Combined with the strength of both parties, it will further consolidate the important deployment of its global market map. On the same time, TLC’s forex management and risk management services will also be brought to a higher level.

Although the global economy has not recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, the pandemic has not hindered the continuous development of TLC, this alliance will soon enable both organisations to build wealth opportunities in the near future. Such opportunities will enable investors to reap the benefits of investing from the start with long-term stability.

At a time when the world’s economy is in a crisis, the announcement of TLC and AVA’s partnership brings good developments to the financial industry and has drawn the attention of various parties.

Professional financial advisory from New Zealand

Aplex VA Limited (AVA) was established as an international financial advisory body in March 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand. It has several internationally recognised legal licenses granted by Financial Service Provider (FSP) to serve clients globally. Its services include wealth management, management consulting, capital consulting, and risk consulting. Its diversified businesses cover foreign exchange trading, fund investment, cryptocurrency, and commodity trading.

AVA CEO Kyle Graham leads a team of financial investors, analysts, and capital management experts with investment, trading, and management experience to provide professional investment and capital management consultation services to clients globally. They follow four corporate principles of gaining the trust of their clients: people-oriented, integrated management, leading the future, and creative development. Through superior service quality and overcoming the challenges of various factors such as legal, economy, society, and technology, they help their clients to achieve capital gains.

As an international financial advisory organisation, AVA has the world’s leading financial technology, which can open customers to access international financial centres and create limitless profits through diversified investment markets. At the same time, it develops various integration plans for rapidly changing markets to promote management efficiency and achieve capital growth.

【GWF Global Wealth Fund】, the first collaborative project

We foresee that TLC and Aplex VA will collaborate closely and launch several attractive investment projects that follows regional investment trends. Given that the financial world focuses on efficiency, both organisations launched their first investment project immediately after starting their collaboration.

On April 16, 2020, they held an official cloud conference using Zoom, and announced the launch of the 【GWF Global Wealth Fund】, drawing the attention of local and international investors.

The 【GWF Global Wealth Fund】 invests mainly in stocks, bonds, and currency markets of listed companies with large market value, with flexibility advantages. The fund selects carefully a variety of investment portfolios with profit potential and moderate risk levels that make major contributions to the development of equity and creates medium- and long-term capital growth for investors.

The organisations are confident that this fund represents not only the first step of their collaboration, but also the first choice for wealth management for global investors. Partners that recover from the downturn, ride the momentum, and take advantage of profiting opportunities by participating, will have more capital in the next golden decade of the economy.

We are committed to building an excellent platform, creating a rich system, and having leading financial technology for our investment partners.

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