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TLC Landed in Traders Fair Singapore

Traders Fair Singapore opens on 26th October at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre

On 26th October 2019, TLC exhibited at Traders Fair Singapore held at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. The world-class financial event was organised by FINEXPO, the world’s largest financial trade fair organiser.

The expo tours through many countries every year. It has already checked in at Thailand, Egypt, Malaysia, Philippines and South Korea this year and set to wrap up its 2019 tour in Vietnam and South Africa. As expected, the exhibition attracted top financial service providers and organisations from all over the world. International investors were also eager to explore the latest investment opportunities available at the fair.

Singapore is the 4th largest financial centre in the world following Hong Kong, which is behind New York and London. Joining an event in a region with such strong economic development is part of TLC’s strategic deployment in its advancement into the international market, to increase corporate exposure and raise brand awareness among industry peers and investors.

Singapore’s economic development is strong and robust, making it the 4th largest financial centre in the world

Response from expo-goers was overwhelming, making TLC one of the most popular booths at the fair. The crowd was eager to learn about TLC’s sustainable investment mechanism fortified with highly secure fund protection feature. The onslaught of visitors was greeted by professional TLC staff, who provided detailed explanations while exploring the possibilities of innovative forex trading with investors. In addition, TLC’s overseas investors came from far and wide to lend their support at the event.


TLC’s professional team is ready to kick off the show!

TLC’s innovative investment mechanism protects funds and magnifies profits,  hence receives enthusiastic response from investors at the expo

TLC personnel explaining the investment plan in detail to the endless stream of expo-goers

In addition, the world-class event organiser also arranged for renowned speakers in the industry to share, analyse and discuss forex market trends and trading techniques through panel topic sessions scattered throughout the day.

World-class financial experts share the latest market trends and trading techniques with investors through a wide range of panel topics

This expo is another milestone in TLC’s journey in entering the international market as well as an important chapter of the company’s development. TLC sincerely appreciates the opportunity to participate in international events and will continue to develop safer, more transparent and stable investment plans for investors, while providing them with dedicated and professional customer support and services.

In the future, TLC will continue to meet members everywhere in international events. Stay tuned!


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