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TLC Exclusive Sponsor for HSBC Business Sharing Session in Hong Kong

TLC is the exclusive sponsor for a business sharing event jointly organised by HSBC and Evermind Marketing and Production Limited

The sponsorship is one of TLC’s many initiatives to drive businesses forward and develop innovative business models. Since its inception, the company is committed to seeking new ways to expand the market, while actively integrating advanced technologies with the aim to develop more beneficial solutions. This not only bolsters the growth of the market as a whole, but also helps TLC in establishing its brand image, increase brand awareness and build prestige, benefiting the company’s development in the long run.

The event is one of TLC’s initiatives to create an environment where businesses thrive so everyone can get their share of the cake

TLC lent the event its full support with the intention of aiding business peers with the challenges discussed at the forum – how to perfectly combine business breakthroughs and adapt to market trends.

Entrepreneurs must understand from the get-go that corporate culture is the key that can easily result in the rise and fall of a company. For a business to go further and build public confidence, the company’s behaviour must be consistent with its corporate values and philosophy.

Industry veterans share business insight with participants

TLC believes that integrity builds credibility and expertise creates long-term stability. Therefore, the company always seeks to uphold sincerity and honesty in its dealings with stakeholders. Equipped with expertise in technology and forex, TLC will continue to develop innovative solutions and stay ahead of market trends, while creating mutual benefits for the company and its investors.

In the time to come, TLC will work toward becoming one of only a handful of companies in the forex industry that constantly innovate, making technology an essential part of financial management and bringing more benefits to the public.


TLC would like to thank the following media for their excellent coverage on the event:

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