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Awesome Treats for June Have Landed!


Today, we have fantastic news for the TLC Family! It’s going to be an AWESOME JUNE! A number of policies are in store for you to grow your assets. Here’s some great news for the savvy investor in you, in pursuit of the high life! Now let’s have a look at the exciting treats.

TREAT NO.1     

Invest Smart for Double Returns

TLC and IBH have joined forces to create an innovative financial model that disrupts the conventional FX investment mechanism, bringing waves of benefits and wealth to investors!

The newly-launched Smart Fund Package not only retains the existing FX earnings, but also comes with complimentary fund returns! Under smart fund management, investors are able to generate maximum value and achieve unimaginable returns from their funds!

Smart Fund Package offers investors with 2 options:


SUPER SMART FUND PACKAGE: 10 Investment Units ($15,000)

– May gain 10-20% potential monthly profit from EA Smart Trading

– Complimentary TLC SUPER MATCHING FUND PACKAGE (worth $5,000)

 (Based on $5,000. Earn 1-10% fund returns until profit accrues to $5,000)


PREMIUM SMART FUND PACKAGE: 20 Investment Units ($30,000)

– May gain 10-20% potential monthly profit from EA Smart Trading

– Complimentary TLC SUPER MATCHING FUND PACKAGE (worth $15,000)

 (Based on $10,000. Earn 1-10% fund returns until profit accrues to $15,000)

YES! NO KIDDING! We’re giving you $5000! And $15,000! You’re welcome!

Limited to 1000 sets per option! Grab this chance NOW! First come first served!

TREAT NO.2     

Insurance Premium Withdrawal Policy

After establishing a strategic alliance with IBH Investment Bank, TLC has upgraded to a more comprehensive and enhanced fund management plan while offering better fund protection. Absolute stability and safety are achieved with good long-term planning.

There is a new update to the insurance policy. Previously, insurance premium is automatically contributed to the insurance pool. In the latest update, investors may withdraw the insurance premium upon expiration of the policy after 24 months.

*If withdrawals are done on the MT4 account during the 24-month term and not after, the insurance premium will be forfeited and automatically contributed to the insurance pool.

TLC is an attentive, comprehensive and progressive company. We care about every TLC member, whom we treat as family. We will continue to provide the best service and seek greater benefits for our fellow family members in the future!


Labuan Special Financial Zone Tour

Promotion period for the Labuan Special Financial Zone Tour Programme has been extended!

Labuan Island is a place where opportunities and beauty come together. It has a strong geographical advantage and is rising fast in the international financial market, attracting investors from all over the world seeking greater possibilities. At the same time, it is also a picturesque and welcoming island with hospitable locals, scenic beach, pleasant breeze and clear blue sky. Tantalising flavours and breathtaking views on the island will make this a place you will never forget.

During the tour, we will lead you into the offshore financial world full of endless opportunities and secure your next pool of wealth. On top of that, you will be equipped with more financial information and know-how. And of course, sightseeing is a must on the charming Labuan Island!

Here, you will not only get to cleanse your mind, body and soul; but also gain insights into the influence and opportunities brought about by the gears of financial operations.

How to be eligible for the tour:

Individual Investment x 10 units = 1 spot

Direct Referral x 30 units = 1 spot

Meaning that if you sign up for:

Super Smart Fund Package, you have instantly earned 1 spot

Premium Smart Fund Package, you have instantly earned 2 spots

Tour includes air tickets, accommodation and meals!

Promotion period has been extended till 15th July! Earn your spot NOW!

Soar on the wings of TLC this June!

Grab the golden opportunity! Plant the seeds for your towering tree of wealth in the second half of 2019. Let’s create sustainable, stable and massive wealth at TLC!

Want to double your assets? Then what are you waiting for?! ACT NOW!