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Leading the Way to a World of Wealth Huge Success for TLC x IBH Global Launch!


15th May 2019 – Throne Legacy Capital’s (TLC) headquarters in Hong Kong was inaugurated by the company’s senior management and strategic partner, in a ceremony attended by employees and associates. On the same day, TLC Global Launch was held at the city’s Marco Polo Hotel, during which a Memorandum of Understanding was officially signed between TLC and IBH Investment Bank based in Labuan, Malaysia, marking the start of a strategic alliance between the two companies.

Official Opening of TLC Head Office in Hong Kong

At 10:00am on 15th May, TLC platform users from all over the world gathered for the inauguration of TLC Headquarters at Silvercord in Tsim Sha Tsui, a prime location in Hong Kong.

TLC senior management and its strategic alliance partner, IBH Investment Bank officiating the TLC Head Office opening ceremony. (From 2nd left: TLC Asia Pacific CMO Jay Wong, CTO Jack Yau, IBH Investment Bank CEO & Managing Director Dato’ Howard Choo, Chairman Dato’ Seri Ibrahim bin Haji Ahmad, TLC Asia Pacific CEO Kwanky Tse, COO Allan Chang, Marketing Director David Liew)

Speech by TLC Asia Pacific CEO Kwanky Tse at the HQ opening ceremony

Joining Forces to Create the FX Legend of a New Era

The excitement of the opening ceremony continued into the afternoon, as TLC Global Launch kicked off at Marco Polo Hotel Hongkong.

Massive waves of technology advancement are rolling in, and the global financial market is experiencing unprecedented revolution. As a technology-driven forex trading platform, TLC has developed a new forex model, the first of its kind in the world; while seizing the opportunity to establish a strategic partnership with IBH Investment Bank, sharing the same vision and corporate philosophy to create new opportunities in FX investment.

Speech by TLC Asia Pacific CEO Kwanky Tse at the HQ opening ceremony

Mr. Carl Ronny, CEO of TLC, said in his opening speech that the collaboration is an important milestone for the company and represents the innovative driving force for Asia Pacific’s forex market development. With IBH’s international banking network, he believes that this will be a fruitful partnership that will not only benefit both parties, but will also propel economic development throughout Asia. In the future, TLC and IBH will jointly develop new FinTech products to benefit more investors.

Headquartered in Malaysia’s Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (LIBFC), IBH Investment Bank is committed to mastering and applying the latest financial technologies since 2009, with the aim of becoming the leader in innovative finance. In addition to providing conventional banking services, IBH’s other businesses include blockchain, cryptocurrency, forex and gold. Today, investments that were once seen as niche financial products have penetrated the mainstream financial markets, creating huge opportunities for investors to build their wealth. IBH works closely with more than 915 banks in over 80 countries and forms strategic alliance with overseas financial corporations, thus endowing it with the capacity to handle major global currencies. The bank’s market currently covers Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and China.

Dato’ Howard Choo, CEO and Managing Director of IBH Investment Bank, announces that Labuan Island will be used as a research and development hub for the alliance to bring even more stable investment solutions to the market.

Dato’ Howard Choo, CEO and Managing Director of IBH Investment Bank, expressed his anticipation of working with TLC. By bringing their own strengths to the table and integrating the resources of both parties, the two companies will create additional solutions that will bring in stable returns for investors. In his speech, he mentioned that by joining forces with TLC, IBH will further enhance LIBFC’s vitality and reposition IBH’s investment banking business from conventional mergers, acquisitions and consulting services to wealth management and high-yield financial products. The partnership with TLC will not only open up IBH’s outlook of the market, but also gives them considerable command over risks, returns and funds.

TLC Throne Legacy Capital and IBH Investment Bank signing the Memorandum of Understanding, establishing a strategic alliance between the two companies.

TLC officially becomes a member company of IBH Investment Bank and will work together to create a new wave of forex opportunities.

Senior management of the alliance raise their glasses in celebration of the partnership.

Labuan: One of the World’s Fastest Growing International Business and Financial CentresSpecial guest Ms. Yon Zahimah Ibrahim, Director of Corporate Affairs at the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) gave an in-depth introduction to the midshore business financial centre so guests can have a deeper understanding its great potential for economic growth.

Ms. Yon Zahimah Ibrahim, Director of Corporate Affairs at the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) presenting the advantages of Labuan special economic zone to guests.

Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (LIBFC) is Malaysia’s special economic zone located in the heart of the Asia Pacific region, with a unique advantage in exploring investment opportunities in Asia. In addition, LIBFC is in strict adherence to the protocols of Anti-Money Laundering and Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) as well as regulatory requirements developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Thus is one of the whitelisted offshore jurisdictions in the world. 

Due to various advantages and the strength of both parties in cutting-edge technology and finance, TLC is confident that its partnership with IBH will produce brilliant results. 

Know the Asian FX Market Trends, Seize Opportunities of the Times

In order to help guests grasp the trend of the regional forex market with higher accuracy, a special panel topic discussion was arranged. Speaker Mr. Dennis Chen, who has a wealth of experience in the industry, explored the development and advantages of Asian forex market in great detail with attendees.

Panel topic speaker Mr. Dennis Chen explores the development and advantages of the Asian FX market in depth.

World’s 1st Most Innovative Financial Model

Gains Widespread Attention and Enthusiasm

The Forex Insurance Profit Security Plan (FIPS) jointly launched by TLC and IBH, is an innovative combination of insurance coverage and a brand new financial model. By offering high fund security to users on the trading platform, it has managed to attract widespread attention. Over 30 mainstream media such as NetEase, iFeng.com, Cnforex.com, Caijing.com.cn and FX168 covered the event.

TLC Chief Technology Officer Jack Yau during the press interview.

Media interviewing Dato’ Howard Choo, IBH Investment Bank CEO and Managing Director.


A Way to Give Back: Lucky Draw!

In addition to sharing solid finance information, a lucky draw was held at the launch. Guests were invited to join in the fun and TLC took this as an opportunity to give back to partners and associates who have lent us their full support along the way. Lucky draw prizes included Huawei P30 Pro mobile phones, Apple iPad Air and iPad mini, which further added to the excitement!


Guests getting all fired up about the lucky draw’s great prizes!

The global launch was a huge success. TLC looks forward to leading Asian forex investors towards a safer, more stable and profitable future of finance together with IBH Investment Bank!